Ashara Sustainability

Our sustainable practices at Ashara are rooted in an appreciation for our planet, health and wellbeing.

Our Fabrics

To make fashion more responsible we think it should come at no extra cost to the planet.

Our sustainable practices at Ashara are rooted in an appreciation for our planet, health and wellbeing.

At Ashara we provide a natural alternative to synthetic active wear where we believe in turning waste into something good instead of polluting our oceans and environment.

Our mission is to provide sustainable fashion that performs in the gym, yoga studio or on the run to the shops! We are committed to producing a collection that is ethically made, beautiful looking and at no extra cost to the planet or our skin.

Now you can look fabulous whilst saving the planet at the same time!

It’s crucial that our fabrics adhere to the highest technological, environmental and social standards. Our fabrics are certified and performance tested, meaning they are free of harmful chemicals and fit for human use. With no harsh chemicals used, production impacts on the environment are minimised, resulting in fabric that is soft and safe against the skin.

With 8 million tons of wastes ending up in our seas every single year.
640 thousand tons of fishing nets and other waste are abandoned at the bottom of the ocean. (data sourced from FAO and UNEP). This waste is then used and turned into yarns such as ECONYL® which is then turned into your favourite Ashara leggings and crop tops.

ECONYL® is a regenerated Nylon, which boasts excellent recovery power and always the perfect muscular compression aimed at decreasing the production of lactic acid, thus boosting a faster recovery of energy. Soft and pleasant on the skin, compact and breathable, it is also highly UV protective ( UPF 50+).


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OEKO-Tex Certified Recycled P.E.T.

Our certified recycled polyester fabric comes from old plastic bottles that are collected- or Polyethylene Terephthalate, also known as PET. This  innovative, versatile fabric is  created by breaking down the plastics into fine yarns that can be woven into textiles and apparel. Breathable, incredibly soft, and durable. Who knew trash could look so good!


Bamboo Cotton

Our Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of the bamboo grass. The bamboo cotton requires no chemicals to grow and very little water,  making this a sustainable fibre that’s super soft, breathable, antibacterial, moisture wicking and kind to the skin as well as the planet


At Ashara we work with innovative fabric companies to push the boundary of what can be achieved through nature and harnessing the power of the sea.  As seaweed is naturally available in our aquatic system, it is safely harvested and blended with cellulose to create a yarn, unlocking the properties of seaweed into a wearable fabric. This fabric is breathable and light and great for the skin as the nutrients can be absorbed into the skin with your natural body moisture, making this fabric oh so good for your health as well as the environment!


Lyocell is the production of wood, or pulp harvested from trees, washed with non toxic solutions and spun into a yarn.. The result is a highly sustainable fibre that not only feels comfortable, but is environmentally  friendly. It is super soft, absorbent and strong, what more do you need, to look good whilst saving the planet!

Organic Cotton

Because what you wear matters, we use organic cotton. The methods and materials used in organic cotton farming maintain soil fertility and reduce negative impacts on rivers and fresh water sources close to the cotton farms. Organic cotton uses less water, is better for the environment, the farmers who farm the cotton and better for our skin. Every garment has a impact