Wash and Wear Care

Because you should care how long your garments last you.

Wash, Wear + Care

We’ve put together tips & tricks to keep your Ashara garments looking new and lasting long — all while decreasing their environmental impact when washing because every garment has an impact!

Wear more than once!

Our RPET garments are anti-microbial — perfect for washing less and wearing more.  So wear your garments more than once and save on water!

Reduce your spending!

We all know that less is more , so why not apply this to your wardrobe. By ensuring you take care of your garments, this will mean they last longer and also means you will be buying less which will have a positive impact on the planet.

Use a laundry bag!

Because a lot of what we wear sheds micro fibres, yes even your beloved Ashara leggings! DO your part to protect the ocean by using a laundry bag to decrease the amount of excess fibres that enter the waste water.

Special monofilament laundry bags will catch these fibres and can stop up to 90% re entering our oceans.

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